A Time to Search Susanna Kihyun Lee

ISBN: 9781582750989



155 pages


A Time to Search  by  Susanna Kihyun Lee

A Time to Search by Susanna Kihyun Lee
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 155 pages | ISBN: 9781582750989 | 5.43 Mb

High school. It may be the time of ones life or a nightmare that darkens ones footsteps for the rest of life. The choices made, the friends made, the relationships broken or reconciled?all will indirectly determine the internal growth that must occur during this transition between childhood and adulthood. No one ever said high school would be easy, but Alden Porter and his cousin Bethany Scott had never imagined the darkness they would face in their junior year of high school would be enough to change their lives forever.

Struggling with hidden guilt and a distortion of self-identity, Bethany makes various attempts to find an outlet to her angst- meanwhile, her relationship with her family grows painfully worse as her father turns toward alcohol. On the other hand, Alden is perpetually both externally and internally challenged as he struggles with his obesity and his bitterness toward the lack of closeness between his father and him.

He is further tormented as he meets his fathers g

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